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Test planning

The TESTaide performs testing based on a test plan. A test plan can be an acceptance test plan, a system test plan, and so on.

Manage test suites

A test suite is a set of test cases. You can create scenarios for testing, or you can group frequently-executed test cases through suites.

Manage test cases

The test case is the minimum unit for verifying requirements. It consists of multiple steps and provides Excel import function.

Manage test execution

Tests can be based on a test plan. Add a regression first. You can perform the test in the prescribed order and record the results.

Manage test environment

Testing is performed in a variety of environments. You can define the environment and synchronize the information when you run the test.

Support Jira integration

The TESTaide supports integration with Jira. You can register your requirements in Jira and see the results of the test.

Support test automation

Write a test script using Python syntax that works with Selenium. And when you click the button, you can run the test automatically.

Support CI/CD/DevOps

Through REST API provided by TESTaide, you can connect with CI/CD tools to complete continuous testing and complete DevOps.

You can use it for free.

TESTaide Community Edition

Do you manage your tests with Excel? You can systematically manage test plans, test cases, and test executions and view the results in Jira.

  • Test Plan
  • Test Suites & Test Cases
  • Test Execution
  • Test Environments
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UI test automation solution

TESTaide Automation Edition

Automated tests based on Selenium can be performed. All planned tests are automatically performed with a single click, and continuous and seamless integration is possible with CI tool integration.

  • Test Automation
  • CI/CD/DevOps Integration
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1 Month free trial. No credit card required.

Choose a Edition

Community Edition

for 12 Months
  • Project & Plan management
  • Test suite & Test cases
  • Test Run & Environment

Pro Edition

per 1 Month (US dollar)
  • All Community Edition features
  • UI test automation support
  • CI/CD integration support

AI Edition

per 1 Month (US dollar)
  • All Pro Edition features
  • Generate test path based on AI
  • Automatically generate test cases
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Frequently asked questions

Is Community Edition free?

Community Edition is free. You can get a one-year license if you request it on the website, and you can continue to apply.

Is the Pro Edition paid?

Pro Edition can be paid on a minimum monthly basis. A 10% discount is provided for 1-year payment, and for more than 1 year.

What happens when the license is end?

For both Community and Pro Editions, the product becomes unavailable at the end of the license period.

Can I get introduction document?

Introduction documents can be obtained through the TESTaide documentation site. Click this link to go to the introductory site.

Can I get TESTaide guide?

Guide documents can be obtained through the TESTaide documentation site. Click this link to go to the guide site.

What is the initial password?

The initial account of TESTaide is testaide, and the password is welcome. Please make sure to change it after logging in.